My approach to teaching kids:

Every child is unique and creative. My job as a teacher is to open and nurture those qualities that are individual to each child. Children are curious by nature, they like learning new things and asking questions. I enjoy discovering the world of music and performance with them, helping them to find answers to many questions and learning new skills in the process of exploration. I identify a special approach to every student while listening to their needs and creating an atmosphere of caring and loving discipline.

Additional Reasons for kids to take music lessons:

Your child may become the next world famous concert pianist or singer. Or maybe he or she will just have fun learning music. Even when the goals are small, it’s all about development. There are many reasons for your kids take music lessons besides simply learning how to play piano or sing:

Gaining self-confidence, gaining social skills, developing creativity, developing personality and individuality, expressing themselves, ability to commit to an activity, learning how to cope with failure, being strong in a competitive environment, setting a goal and reaching it, staying focused on a task, training memory, being responsible, organizing themselves, being part of a team, sharing their work with people, being of service to their community.


I offer to my young students (both piano and voice) participation in fun themed music shows instead of traditional school recitals. Children are engaged in finding the themes, writing the script, creating characters and staging acts, making costumes, props and helping with stage set. Children are learning not only how to play or sing their own song, but also how to work on an entire concert and see themselves as a part of a whole. Children learn how to collaborate with each other through duets, and group voice and piano projects.

When students become skillful and experienced, they have an opportunity to work on solo concerts.

Besides being part of our TPAC music shows, I always encourage and help my students to find other performing opportunities. My students are an important part of our local artistic community. They participate in local festivals, church and school concerts, musicals and other music events.

I strongly encourage participation in our performances. However, if you have reasons for your child to opt out the performing activity, we can accommodate that need.