Choose your favorite music style, or try them all.


I am a big fan of classical music, and I am always happy to share my love and knowledge of this style of music. Learn how to choose the right piece for your voice, improve articulation in your piano piece, learn phrasing, and get help understanding a composer’s style.

Jazz is always a big part of our school life. Learn a step by step approach to improvisations, syncopated rhythms, swing, scales and chords, feel blue with those “blue notes” and just let it flow!

Theater and Broadway

Whether you’re planning to audition for a local musical production or simply love Broadway, you can make your star shine. You will learn how to belt that song out, find the character, make your audience cry and laugh with your song, and just be the one.

Pop, Rock, R&B and more…

Sing that sparkling upbeat pop song or a touching rock ballad, and become a star of karaoke or go pro and start your own band. Learn the difference between music styles, learn to get the most amazing tones out of your voice, learn how to bring all the firing energy to your performance, and then go and rock it!

Country and Bluegrass

You’re a more down-to-the-earth kind of person, and you want to explore country music. Then it is important for you to find the right “nasal sound” without damaging your vocal chords. Then learn how to bring your heart into the songs, tell the story of your life through music, and who knows, you may become the next Willie Nelson or Carrie Underwood.

Church music

You want to be a part of your church choir, but so far you’ve been trying to guess about the melodies following the people sitting next to you. You want to play church hymns and learn Canon in D for your friend’s wedding but you can’t even read the music. You want to belt out that gospel song but your voice keeps coming out weak. Lots of these problems can be fixed with the right instruction, consistent practice, some encouragement from your teacher, and God’s help.