You like music, but you don’t think you have that big voice. When you were a kid, your mom took you to a piano teacher, but you hated the lessons, quit and now you regret it. You would like to learn music, but you believe you’re too old, you don’t have a good memory, or it’s hard to fit practice into your schedule. You would like to take lessons, but you don’t have huge expectations. Well, we have a great news for you! All you need to have is a love of music!

TPAC is welcoming everyone who is willing to learn. Be brave and do it now! You can spend the next 5 years thinking that you’re not good enough for learning music or you can take lessons and improve your voice or learn how to play Jingle Bells on the piano. Do it for fun and you may surprise yourself. Music is a great hobby to have, and it will definitely help you to make more friends.

Not enough time to practice:

While I always encourage consistent practice, I can develop a special program for super busy adults with minimum practice time. You will make progress, we promise!

You’ve never studied music before:

TPAC welcomes beginners!

So don’t waste another minute, go make that call and start having the time of your life with music!